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Are you looking for high-quality leather for further processing in bags, shoes and clothing or other products in very small quantities? Would you like to purchase pure cashmere as wool for use in small quantities or woven cashmere for further processing into textiles and scarves directly from the producer?


We offer you direct access to raw materials and intermediate products for goat and cow leather, cashmere and wool. We are here to support you in the procurement of your raw materials all the way from the first point of contact, to the final shipment of your order or product. When doing business with us, you also have the opportunity to make purchases in smaller quantities if you should desire.


Our job is to procure high-quality raw materials directly from producers and manufacturers in Mongolia. We have a very high standard regarding the quality of the goods delivered. Moreover, we want to give you the opportunity to sell your products through our shop as well as increase the awareness of your brand through our blog and through our other social channels.

  • You are looking for

    • High-quality white label cow, goat and sheepskin leather
    • for resale or further processing
    • leather products as white label


    • The purest Cashmere
    • woven and dyed
    • to be used as an intermediary white label wool product


    • Camel and Sheep Wool
    • woven and dyed
    • to be used as an intermediary white label wool product

  • We offer

    • The purchase of quality raw materials, e.g. leather hides, wool
    • Direct purchasing via our producers and manufacturers
    • Access to our partners in Mongolia
    • Advice on quality selection
    • Sampling and color consultation
    • Individual cuts
    • Processing, import and logistics quality control
    • Flexible purchase quantities
    • Fair prices
    • Sale via our platform
    • Marketing via our social channels

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