Noble Origin ◊ Nobles Material

Noble Nomads

„Our idea with „Noble Nomads“ is to help the nomadic descendants of Genghis Khan preserve their way of life which has been practiced for thousands of years. With naturally grown raw materials, and ecologically produced high-quality products, we want to set an example. An example of quality and sustainability; of being distinct and unique. Just like the life of the nomads in the Mongolian steppe.“

Munkhbold Bold, Founder of Noble Nomads

Noble Herkunft

The home of our founders is the Mongolian steppe. This makes us familiar with the complex and tedious work from which our high-quality raw materials are produced. With our knowledge, we are able to bring luxurious cashmere and the finest goatskin directly from the Mongolian nomads to our customers.

Nobles Material

Our job is to bring products of the highest purity and quality to Europe. We import cashmere, wool and leather for manufacturers and designers who desire to further process these quality raw materials into the finest products. We are here to ensure the quality of raw materials and processing.

Our word for our customers:

We seek to actively contribute and preserve the culture, way of life and heritage of the nomads in Mongolia.