Hand knitted Baby Gloves Made From 100% Environmentally Friendly Cashmere Wool

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  • In der Mongolei handgestricktes Produkt
  • Farbe: organic hellbraun
  • Material:  100 % Kaschmir
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Hand-knitted baby gloves made from 100% ecologically produced cashmere yarn. No chemicals are particularly important during processing.

The hair of the cashmere goat is considered to be the noblest of wool throughout the world. What makes our resources special is the fact that the animals in Mongolia are not shorn, rather combed. Moreover, our cashmere only comes from free-roaming goat herds of selected nomad families from Mongolia.

The quality is determined by the fineness and length of the best goat hair. The animal’s coat is combed by hand in spring, when the animal begins to change its coat. It is during this time where almost 60% of the combed hair is sorted out. This traditional process which has hardly changed throughout the centuries produces only the finest material, as modern-day machines cannot recognise the difference between the fine bottom hair and the coarse top hair of the animal.

The extreme temperatures of the Mongolian steppes, which can often reach a temperature of up to -40 degrees Celsius, are an absolute prerequisite for the formation of the fluffy hair of the cashmere goat. At the end of winter, the goats are combed out by the nomads in order to help the goats change their coat. During this process, roughly 150-250 grams of wool are collected per animal. A large part of the wool sorting process has to be done by hand, as the top coat and the undercoat must be separated from each other carefully. After this, the wool collected is then to be cleaned in several washing cycles before further processing can take place in the spinning mill.

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