A Millennia of Tradition



The Natural and Cultural Treasures of the Mongolian people


Being roughly the size of Western Europe while containing only three million inhabitants, the modern state of Mongolia is easily the least populated country in the world. Largely untouched by modern life, the Mongolian nomads have cultivated and maintained their millennia-old traditions. Unchained throughout the centuries, a tenet of their ancient lifestyle is to live in harmony with the surrounding nature and all living beings within it. Their way of life is characterized by their considerable care, and treatment of the natural resources and animals within their homeland, whose unadulterated raw materials, untouched by the influences of modern life, form the basis of their nomadic life.


The founders of our organization Noble Nomads, are the brothers Munkhbold and Tselmeg Bold, who both stem from a nomadic Mongolian family with deep roots in Mongolian culture and tradition. Driven by their vision to actively contribute to their nation’s wealth and prosperity, as well as the preservation of their nomadic traditions, both seek to provide excellent products by uniting their nation’s quality natural resources with western design and innovation.

Sustainable Production with the Highest Quality Standards


Through the careful and considerate use of our natural resources, we strive to achieve the highest quality standard for all raw materials supplied. We vow to carry out our operations in a sustainable environmentally-friendly way, so that we can continue to provide our quality raw material such as leather, cashmere, and wool not only now, but in the many years to come.


Our direct connections to the nomadic families and local manufacturers along with their knowledge and expertise, form the basis of our Noble Nomads Standard. We will strive to supply tested raw materials of the highest quality for further processing to enable the manufacturing of the finest products for your end customer.


Quality Material with a Noble Tradition – That’s what Noble Nomads stands for

Our Noble Origins

Munkhbold und Tselmeg Bold


Munkhbold and Tselmeg Bold are both a part of the founding team as well as the heart of Noble Nomads. Born as true nomads, they grew up in the middle of the Mongolian steppe surrounded by animals. Even as children, they experienced the harshness and beauty of nomadic life, including the extreme conditions, under which the Mongolian people and its nature is subjugated to.

Both are not only intimately familiar with the lengthy work process required for the production of cashmere, camel wool and leather, but also have knowledge regarding the professional processing and refining of these raw materials as well.

Tselmeg, whose path as the family’s eldest son was already fixed at birth according to nomadic tradition, took over the family-run, internationally oriented trading company in Ulanbataar immediately after successfully completing his studies in. Munkhbold on the other hand was a second-born child who had no family obligation, and was therefore able to study throughout the world.

The combination of tradition and modernity


Tselmeg is the local man who maintains a direct connections to Noble Nomads’ partners within Mongolia. Munkhbold, on the other hand continues to look abroad and seeks to find new and maintain established business relations with interested partners abroad. Together, the brothers work together to monitor the manufacturing and processing operations in Mongolia.


In spite of their geographical separation, their family ties, their origins and their connection to their ancient nomadic tradition has led to the creation of one common idea which these brothers follow with their heart:



Quality Material with a Noble Tradition – That’s what Noble Nomads stands for