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Mongolian sheep are a breed of domestic sheep native to the Mongolian plateau in Asia. The scientific name is Ovis aries, where Ovis is the generic name for sheep and Aries is the species name, which means “ram” in Latin. Mongolian sheep are known for their high-quality wool, which is soft, durable, and warm. The wool fibers of Mongolian sheep are generally finer and softer than those of many other sheep breeds. The fibers have a diameter of 15 to 25 micrometers and are also elastic, meaning they can stretch and return to their original shape.
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Yak down used to be prepared by shearing, but thanks to the increase in the value of yak down, herders use the same goat combing method to prepare yak down. The schedule for combing yak down varies from year to year, but it is believed that April is the best time for combing. On average, up to 400–750 grams of yak down can be combed from one yak when the yak is molting, but it is advisable to choose the right time for combing, in the order of neck, back, thighs and belly.
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Our exclusive cashmere yarn is extracted and produced in Mongolia in an elaborate process to offer you the highest quality and unparalleled softness. Made from pure cashmere of the highest purity, this yarn symbolizes the epitome of luxury and natural grace. With an impressive run length of approximately 200 meters per 100 grams, this yarn provides a generous amount to bring your creative ventures to life — be it fine knitting, delicate crochet or elegant weaving: Noble Cashmere yarn adds a timeless elegance as well as unparalleled warmth to any creation. Perfect for hand dyeing.
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