At the start of 2017, Schäfer met with the Mongolian computer scientist Munkhbold Bold regarding a business start-up consultation session. The business idea and vision of the 31-year-old inspired Schäfer. The young man’s plan: to import high-quality and ecologically sustainable raw materials and traditional products from Mongolia to Germany for further processing by creative businesses and individuals. Bold knew everything about raising farm animals, the production of cashmere and camel wool as well as how to naturally tan leather from goats, cattle, and sheep using nomadic production methods. He knew the quality of the raw materials, the production sustainability, as well as the customs and peculiarities of trading with nomads. After all, he himself comes from a nomadic family and knows all about the rough life of living outdoors since he was a child. In addition to all this, his parents had already founded a company. In 1991, immediately after the democratization of Mongolia, they founded BULNAI TRADE LLC, specializing in the import and export of basic foodstuffs and agricultural products from and to China, Russia, and Ulan Bator.
I would say how grateful I am that I was able to get to know both lives. The life of my family in Mongolia and the life of my friends here in Germany. I would say that I have great hope that we as Mongolians will succeed in this difficult balancing act between preserving our cultural traditions and incorporating and utilizing modern elements of life such as medicine, infrastructure, and education. And I would tell them that I, my brother and our friends will make a contribution to this with our company 'Noble Nomads'.